Restorative make up

I love my job. Make up can be so many things. It can be transformative. You can help to create characters for movies, enhance a designers vision creating the right make up look for a fashion show or photo shoot, create a make up on someone they have never tried before changing how they look, but it can also be restorative, changing how you feel. And this is one of the things that I love. It’s so simple, it’s just make up but it really can be a magic tool that is sitting in your make up bag.

I’ve just had my second baby 6 weeks ago, a gorgeous little girl. I feel truly blessed to have two beautiful children a boy and a girl. Life is busy for everyone and it certainly feels busy after having a baby, but recently I’ve really noticed how I personally relate to make up. Not professionally, but generally as someone who likes to wear make up every day. I’ve noticed that since having my daughter my hair and skin has become very dry. I didn’t feel great when I looked in the mirror and saw my frazzled frizzy hair and my skin felt so dry despite using my usual moisturiser. All the changing hormones, it’s totally normal and expected but still I wasn’t used to it after the glowing skin and luscious locks during pregnancy! So I slathered some coconut oil on my hair, which helped but just wasn’t practical with a newborn as it took too long as I had to leave it on for ages to penetrate the hair. So I ordered some  Kerastase hair mask, yes it was more expensive but totally worth it as it has really helped the condition and made my thick curly hair manageable again and only takes a few extra minutes in the shower. Then on my face I used some  Clarins beauty flash balm as a mask which has been helping as it feels smoother to the touch and more hydrated. I’ve got quite sensitive skin on my face and this is a really gentle lightweight treatment for your skin. 

I’ve been doing my make up most days even if I’m just staying at home as to me, make up is not for anyone else it’s just for me, it’s just to make me feel good. Look good, feel great, it’s a motto we’ve all heard but it’s true. My daily make up is simple, it’s just about taking the time to curl my eyelashes to help my eyes look a bit brighter and putting concealer under my eyes to help with the dark circles after a sleepless night with my baby girl. It’s putting on my blusher to add that flush to my cheeks to perk me up and popping a bright colour on my lips as it’s a quick easy way to lift your face and brighten you up. It only takes 5 minutes usually and yes I’m still tired and my body is aching but I do feel better and who cares if I’m only going downstairs today, as someone who usually wears make up every day it makes me feel like me. 

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