School run make up

We all know the story, you get up in plenty of time, its all going to plan, everyone is dressed and had breakfast and then suddenly you’ve got 10 minutes before you have to leave for drop off and you haven’t done your make up! Don’t worry, there’s always time for a quick spruce up that will leave you looking refreshed and feeling great!

My absolute must have for a skin pick me up is MAC strobe cream. It’s classed as an illuminating moisturiser, but I always feel it works better on top of your regular face cream. For example after a quick shower and cleanse of my skin (I love Garnier micellar water for sensitive skin) I pop on my daily moisturiser of Embryolisse Lait-creme concentre. It is a beautiful luxurious cream that is suitable for all skin types, is paraben free and has a very affordable price point at £20 for 75mls. Then after the usual craziness of the morning by the time I get a chance to look in the mirror again my skin is ready for me to apply the strobe cream as it needs a bit more of a smooth base before I apply my make up.

First things first ladies, curl your eyelashes! It’s the little things in life that make all the difference and honestly I couldn’t do make up without these! It really opens up the eye and helps to define your lashes ready for mascara. Then start with the base, if you don’t have much time you can just do concealer where you need it, under the eyes (of course when those little darlings keep you up at night) around the nose and chin usually, I also like to take a little over the lip line so it defines the lips nicely when you apply whatever colour you choose that day. If you are only using concealer without foundation first then make sure it is a liquid so it blends easily into the skin. I use Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher. Its a lovely formula that gives coverage without looking cakey. Then onto the brows, if you are lucky and have perfectly full brows you can just do a quick comb through, but if you are like most of us who have a few gaps I recommend using a pencil first to fill it in. I love Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift or Anastasia Brow Wiz. Both are nice sheer colours with fantastic tones to suit everyone. They all also have a comb on the other end and are twist up crayons so no need to sharpen!

Depending on how you are feeling that day you can decide which area to focus on. Are you feeling like rocking a bright lip or do you feel your eyes look a bit tired and need to perk them up a bit? If its a lip colour, I would just go with a slick of mascara, a quick bronzer/blusher/contour and highlight and then a bit of colour on the lip. This is super quick if you have a tinted lip balm as it keeps it looking really fresh and light. You can also define it using a lip liner in a similar shade. If its more on the eyes you think you need that morning, forget eyeshadows and blending we ain’t got time for all that! Go straight onto the lashline with an eyeliner or chunky eyeshadow pencil and smudge it all across the top lashline and a little underneath at the outer edges. It doesn’t need to look perfect and you can soften any edges with your finger or cotton bud. I love Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow pencils, super soft and easy to use. Again a quick slick of mascara, bronzer/blusher/contour/highlight and keep the lips natural with a dab of natural lip balm or glossy lipstick

And you are instantly transformed into yummy mummy who looks fabulous and who appears to have it all in hand (ok no one needs to know you’ve not cleared up the breakfast dishes…)

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